A French Start to Your Week, Volume 1

Bonjour! This is the first of my weekly Monday postings on how to put a little France into your week. I’ll focus on quick ways to add joie-de-vivre to the days ahead. Fridays, look for my “French Weekend” series, which brings ideas on what to eat, drink, read, and watch when you have a little more time. Enjoy!

30-Minute French Recipe of the Week

French Pan-Fried Trout with Pistachios, Garlic, and Celery.  You can make it with just about any fish. Photo by Richard Swearinger.

What? You’ve never made trout? It’s much, much easier than it looks, and so quick to make. Just get your fish dude (or dude-ette) to filet ’em and cut the heads off for you. I’d rather not.  My recipe for this dish, which stars the ménage of Celery, Pistachios, and Garlic, takes less than 30 minutes.  Serve it with Any-Night Baked Rice and whatever veggie looks good at the market right now. And what’s for dessert? Read on.

Cheat of the Week

As I’ve mentioned before, when cooking French, there’s absolutely no reason to feel inauthentic if you buy a few readymade products now and then. French women do it all the time. One of my favorite readymades right now is Trader Jacques’s Salted Caramel Sauce. Sure, you can make your own caramel sauce—and I usually do—but I also keep a jar of this on hand in case I don’t happen to have any heavy cream around for the sauce. Serve it on crêpes, which of course, you have stashed in your freezer, because, as everyone knows by now, Yes! You Can Freeze Crepes.

Worthwhile Time-Suck of the Week

Looking for a lovely way to procrastinate? Head to the La Gastronomie Board on Pinterest; it’s an amalgamation of about 400 food bloggers’s best work. It’s filled with beautiful food-porn that, in true Pinterest fashion, goes on and on. I am an invited contributor to the board, but usually I just watch.

Screen shot from La Gastronomie Board on Pinterest. It’s kind of irresistible.

New Follow of the Week

Follow @France_Images on Twitter and you can find out about real estate deals, like this 550,000-Euro bed-and-breakfast for sale in Burgundy.

On twitter, I follow @France_Images. They sometimes post recipes, which is nice, but mostly it’s a real-estate site. Certainly I’m not looking to buy any French property soon, but I love dreaming, and thinking about, for instance, what 550,000 Euros could get me (a charming bed-and-breakfast in Burgundy….maybe I could start a cooking school with the French chef I’ve been collaborating with). The basement would have a pottery studio for his wife’s classes.

So, thanks for the reveries, @France_Images. One of these days, I’ll bite!

Have a great week, everyone. Come back on Friday for some French weekend fun.


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4 comments to A French Start to Your Week, Volume 1

  • Hi Wini,

    My husband is a huge trout fan, so this recipe is one I intend to try sooner, rather than later. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it immensely and am so glad to have discovered yours today!

    • Wini

      Likewise, the feeling is mutual. So happy to have seen your blog on eating sensibly without eating “diet” food! I’ll post something about it next week. Cheers!

  • Rachel

    I love this new series of posts Wini! By the way, I’m saving up for a Le Creuset french oven/braiser. What would be a good size? What did you use at the first cooking class? Thank you!

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