How to Serve Crêpes--The French Way

Looking for simple, splendid ways to enjoy Crêpes? Here are a few of my favorites:

In summer, my Strawberry-Mascarpone Crêpes is my all-time favorite way to serve crêpes. And if you’ve never tried strawberries and caramel together, you’re in for a foodie epiphany!

Find the recipe here. It’s also in The Bonne

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Salmon and Herb Crêpes for the Holidays

Here’s a simple recipe for Gourmet New Year’s Herb Salmon Crêpes—a fun little finger-food appetizer that’s great with Champagne on New Year’s Eve (or a fun appetizer to serve guests any time of year). I did the video on E-how; if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just skip to below.

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French Spring Brunch Menu

Raspberry Pink-Grapefruit Mimosa. Photo by Richard Swearinger.

Perfect for Mothers Day, bridal showers, baby showers, or treating overnight guests to something beautiful.

Apéritifs • Rasperry-Pink Grapefruit Mimosas • Roll-ups made from these exquisite Asparagus-Goat Cheese Crepes. Simply make the crêpes as directed, but roll them up tightly and slice them into spirals.

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