Most Recent Radio and TV Appearances

Friday mornings, I host a “Great Food” segment on KCWI-23’s “Great Day” morning program. Below are a few links to some of these segments, as well as other videos I have done.

If you’d like to contact me about a topic for “Great Day,” or if you’d like to talk to me about producing food stories for you, drop me a line at winimoranville [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Meanwhile, enjoy these samples:

How to Make Pipérade: Aired Friday, January 8, 2015

In the Kitchen with “The Mediterranean Dish”: Aired April 3, 2015

Food Stylists Tips: Aired September 11, 2015

E-How “How to Videos”
Not long a go, I did a few cooking videos for e-How. I thought they were beautifully produced; however, I was disappointed that I was not allowed to show a little more lightheartedness and personality. The videos are wonderfully informative, but straightforward to a fault!

At any rate, I love writing video scripts for cooking segments and how-to’s! Being front of the camera is fine, too, but not necessary to my ego, by any means. Here’s a list of all my E-how videos.


Here’s a sample video:

Other Television and Radio Appearances

I’ve done cooking demonstrations on the following television stations.

• WGH Chicago
• The Morning Blend, Omaha
• WLS (ABC-11), Chicago
• KARE-11, Minneapolis/St. Paul
• Fox 4, Kansas City

I’ve also been a guest on the following radio shows:
• Iowa Public Radio’s “Talk of Iowa”
• Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Here on Earth”
• Murph & Andy, WHO 1460 in Des Moines



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