Fresh & French: An Update on the Classic Green Bean Casserole

Here’s a fresh and French update on the classic Green Bean Casserole. Make this once and you’ll never look at Green Bean Casserole the same again. What’s the secret? Comté cheese, shallots, fresh green beans, and a freshly homemade cheese sauce (that’s Mornay, en français!). Fresh, fresh, fresh….and French.

Green Bean and

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Use That Braiser for....Ratatouille!

The Le Creuset Braiser is great for Ratatouille.

Read on for a great ratatouille recipe for the braiser (or any large wide, shallow pan).

You know what a nut I am about the braising pan, but it’s summer, so you’d be right to wonder if this big kitchen buddy—perfect for meaty roasts and

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Baby, It's Cold Outside: Let's Braise! (7-Bone Pot Roast, Anyone?)

Certainly, I prefer a braiser for gorgeous roasts like my Beef-Coriander Plat Unique (one-dish meal), but you don’t need one to make this beauty.

Looking for great recipes for your braiser? Here’s how to make my amazing seven-bone pot roast recipe for a braiser….(you can also use a Dutch oven or very

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