Mmmmm....Beef Recipes for the Braiser! The Best!

Yes! Maybe it will be my Seven-Bone Pot Roast in the braiser tonight.

• My French Pot Roast (Pot au Feu)—in the Braiser • How to Cook Boeuf Bourguignon in the Braiser • Braiser Recipe for Bottom Round Roast with French Onion Gravy • Seven-Bone Pot Roast Recipe for the Braiser •

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Summer Braise—Makes Me Feel Fine! (An Easy Recipe for Lamb Shoulder Chops)

How to cook lamb shoulder chops (lamb shoulder steaks)….the French way.

Lamb Shoulder Chops with Garlic Sauce and Gremolata. A great braise any time of year.

Good heavens, the price of lamb chops here in Amerique profonde is sky high right now. I’m missing all those great tranche de gigot d’agneau (literally,

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How to Cook Salmon in a Braiser // How to Braise Salmon

Recipe for Salmon à l’Alsacienne (Alsatian Salmon)—a great recipe for cooking fish in the braiser.

How to cook fish in a braiser: Gently and quickly.

It’s true: The braiser is generally reserved for coaxing tender succulence from big, bold, tough cuts of meats. Fish is already tender–so why would you cook it

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