French Lunch Menu

An unexpected delight for a French lunch. Photo by Richard Swearinger

Sure, quiche is great for a lunch entre amies, and you’ll find a few luscious ones in my book. But why not go for something less expected for a French lunch menu? I suggest building a menu around a great main-dish salad. Here you go:

• First Course: Silky and Light Potato Soup, page 74 of the book.
• Main Course: Roasted Chicken Salad with Swiss Chard, Apples, Pistachios and Blue Cheese
• Dessert: Chocolate-Cherry Pound Cake Bonne Femme

Wine Pairing: For day drinking, you can’t go wrong with Prosecco! No, it’s not French, but it’s bright, light and fun—and often more inexpensive than French Champagne and French Champagne look-alikes. Prosecco will also mesh well with the diverse flavors of the menu. Enjoy!

A few make-ahead tips:
• Get everything ready for the salad, except the chicken and dressing, well in advance, and refrigerate it all in one large salad bowl. An before guests arrive, roast the chicken and make the vinaigrette. Toss it all together to serve.
• Make the soup a couple days in advance; simply reheat to serve.
• The Chocolate-Cherry Pound Cake is the ultimate make-ahead dessert, because it freezes well. In fact you’ll probably have plenty for two luncheons, so save half for a dessert at another gathering.


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