Three Good + Inexpensive Sparkling Wines

When you’re looking for inexpensive sparkling wine, Cava, Prosecco, and California are the way to go!

Here are three bottles that I recently featured on my food segment for Great Day, KCWI-23. The segment was specifically geared towards New Year’s Eve, but really, these are inexpensive enough to enjoy any night. And remember—sparkling wines will keep at least 1 day in the fridge. Simply put the bottle in the fridge (you don’t even need a cork–the bottle shape helps keep the bubbles fresh for about 24 hours).

Below is the video, where I explain the virtues of each. But if you want to cut right to the chase, here are my picks, from driest to fruitiest.

1. Freixenet Brut Cava: Just a great all-purpose sparkling wine for those who like crisp, citrusy refreshment. Around $14.

2. La Marca Prosecco: A little fruitier than cava, but still not sweet. Some proseccos can taste a bit slight, but this one has great body, and fine, persistent bubbles. It might be my all-time favorite prosecco (and I’ve tasted many). Around $15.

3. Barefoot Bubbly Moscato: Some like it sweet! If you’re in that camp, you’ll appreciate the peachy (but not cloying) angle to this softly sparkling wine. I also like the fact that it has less alcohol than the preceding choices—a good choice for day drinking!

Here’s the video. And cheers to whatever occasion you’re toasting!

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