French Make-Ahead Menu—Winter Version

Excuse me? You haven’t made my Blanquette de Porc? It’s one of the best recipes in the book! (P.S.: Recipe works beautifully in a 3 1/2-quart Le Creuset Braiser). Photo by Richard Swearinger.

Last summer, I did a make-ahead menu for a great summer dinner party, and a reader asked if I

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Luscious, Unexpected, and Inexpensive: Blanquette de Porc

Welcome to The Bonne Femme Cookbook blog.  I’m hoping to post recipes of seasonal interest that show the easy, everyday side of French cooking—the kind of cooking you will find in the home of French women who, like us, don’t have time to spend all day in the kitchen.

(What’s a girl from

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Blanquette de Porc

Blanquette de veau, a veal stew with a luscious wine-laced sauce, is classic Bonne Femme fare. While I enjoy it made with veal in France, at home, I substitute pork blade steak–a cut from the shoulder. Not only is it so much easier to find, but it’s a rich, bold, comforting cut of

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