Chicken Comté Florentine

Looking for the best Chicken Florentine recipe? Try mine—it calls on Comté cheese for extra richness of flavor and a touch of curry for intrigue. But first, a little story about a good buddy of mine who also loves this particular chicken florentine recipe.

Chicken Florentine recipe with Comté and a touch

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French Chicken-Rice Soup for What Ails You

French Chicken-Rice Soup. I discovered the recipe once when I was ailing in France, and it’s been a go-to palliative ever since.

Do you happen to know anyone who’s ailing right now—perhaps down for the count with a head cold? I do! And that would be me. I’m just getting over one

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Chicken Normandy: A Recipe to Celebrate Veteran's Day

This recipe for Normandy Chicken (also known as Chicken Calvados) is good recipe for Veteran’s Day. Enjoy it—and a little story on how I discovered Chicken Normandy for the first time.

Chicken Calvados (aka Chicken Normandy). A great recipe for Veteran’s Day.

Hello everyone. Today—as I do every Veteran’s day—I’m going to

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