Once Again, Proof That French Kids Do Eat Everything

Today, I cooked, ate, and photographed some recipes in the home of my French friend, chef David Baruthio. Here’s a lovely vegetable dish we made.


I will post the recipes soon, after I’ve had the chance to write and coherent-tize my notes. But when it came time to eat our little meal with David’s children, I was utterly charmed when William, age 13, pointed to the stalks of the carrots and asked “Ca se mange?

Are we supposed to eat this part?

He was talking about the stalks!


Papa said, “Oui, ca se mange.” One does, indeed, eat that part.

A few seconds later, William had it in his mouth and was contentedly chewing away.

So, I did the same. Frankly, it wasn’t the best part of the carrot–it tasted a little bitter and gritty to me. But taste aside, I adored the child’s curiosity and willingness to try anything.

Here is what else was on the menu. Photos were taken from my iPad, and better photos, taken by Richard Swearinger, will be debuting shortly, along with complete recipes. Can you tell that we’re in full Le Creuset braised mode?




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