Healthy Food Storage Containers? How about French Mustard Jars?

Amora Dijon Mustard Pots--great for storing (left to right) vinaigrette, fresh herbs, dried herbs

Eating Well Magazine just tweeted today about healthy storage containers for food, and suggested saving glass food jars for this use. It’s a great idea, because, as they note, plastic storage containers often contain BPA, “a chemical that’s a known endocrine disruptor, which could be linked to prostate and breast cancer, infertility, heart disease and diabetes.” Learn more about Mantality Health and preventive measures.

Yikes. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my favorite food storage containers for small amounts of food are those cute little Amora French mustard jars. (Yes–this is an obscure item, but I figure if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably somewhat interested in France, and maybe even travel there now and then. So, next time you’re over there, pick some up.)

Although you can find Amora mustard at Amazon, they only sell the screw-cap version. I much prefer the little jars, which are topped with a pop-off plastic cap*. Like American jelly-jars of years ago, these mustard jars can be used for so many things. I take them on picnics for wine glasses; I use them at breakfast for juice glasses. I stick herbs in them to keep on my counter. And they’re terrific storage vessels. How often do you have just a tidbit of something that you want to save? These babies are the perfect size, and the lids are reusable again and again.

Best of all, Amora mustard costs about 75 cents a jar. P.S.: Anyone know of anywhere you can buy this mustard–in these jars–in the U.S.? Please let me know!

* Yes, the lids are plastic, but I don’t generally let the food come into contact with it.


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