Bastille Day Party Menu and Bastille Day Potluck Recipes

What to serve on Bastille day? Here’s a great party menu for Bastille day, including easy Bastille day recipes.

Lucky us! Bastille Day falls on a Friday this year, making it a fabulous day to have a party. Might I suggest and “apéritif dînatoire”—one of those cocktail parties that stands in as dinner? Below is menu.

(PS: Any one of these recipes can be good stand-alone recipes for toting to a French Bastille Day potluck):

Bastille Day Party Menu

• One really good centerpiece salade composée (main-dish salad)
• A few other good French salads
• Oeufs-Mayo
• Charcuterie
• Fromage
• A Great French Midsummer Dessert: Cherry Clafouti

Details, Details:

• A French main-dish salad

In the center of the buffet table, place one hearty salad. I suggest my Turkey Salad Veronique or Shrimp and French Green Lentil Salad. But you can’t go wrong with a great Salade Niçoise, either.

• A few other good French salads.

Put out some colorful faves: Roasted Beet and Blue Cheese Salad, French Tabbouli (or regular Tabbouli), Corn and Radish Salad, French White Bean + Tarragon Salad (page 52 of the Bonne Femme Cookbook).

• Oeufs-Mayo

True francophiles go nuts for oeufs-mayo, that deconstructed (and super-easy) version of deviled eggs. Put a platter of these babies out, and watch them disappear.

Rosette de Lyon. Photo by Jules Morgan.

• A French Cheese Platter, of course.

Make life easy on yourself: Just go to your favorite cheese counter and pick up a goat’s-milk cheese, a cow’s-milk cheese, and a sheep’s-milk cheese. You’ll have plenty of flavor variety, without going crazy about it (which can be kind of fun, too when you have the time).

• A Charcuterie Platter

Go to your favorite gourmet grocer and pick up some thinly sliced salamis (include some rosette de lyon, if possible), prosciutto, and pâté. Be sure to add some cute little French cornichons and some olives.

If you’ve thought ahead, and you want to go entirely upscale, consider purchasing some foie gras from D’Artagnan. (I recently tried the Foie Gras Torchon and swooned.)

Cherry Clafouti

It is SO easy to forget how good this simple dessert is. I just had a great reminder over the weekend, when I had a friend for lunch. Everyone loved it, and truly, it takes only moments to stir together before you slide it into the oven. And here’s a news flash: You can make cherry clafouti with tart cherries, too. That’s what I happened to have on hand, so I went for it, and we enjoyed the contrast of tart fruit and velvety-smooth sweet custard.  Sweet cherries are classic, though. Simply choose what you like best. And if it’s super hot in your neck of the woods, serve the clafouti nicely, refreshingly chilled. (If not serve it slightly warmed, which is more traditional.)

Sweet cherries (pictured) are classic, but sour cherries (tart cherries) work in Clafouti as well.

Whatever you do for Bastille Day, enjoy. And Vive la France!











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