Luscious, Unexpected, and Inexpensive: Blanquette de Porc

Welcome to The Bonne Femme Cookbook blog.  I’m hoping to post recipes of seasonal interest that show the easy, everyday side of French cooking—the kind of cooking you will find in the home of French women who, like us, don’t have time to spend all day in the kitchen.

(What’s a girl from the Great Midwest know about French cooking, you ask? Check out my bio).

I decided to kick off this blog with the number-one most searched-for recipe that I had posted on a previous website: Blanquette de Porc. This recipe got more hits than anything else on the site. It also gets tons of compliments when I cook it at home.

Blanquette de Pork: Get the recipe here.

It’s a fabulous stew based on a classic French home recipe, Blanquette de Veau, a stew with veal, mushrooms, and sometimes carrots enrobed in a creamy and luscious lemon-spiked wine sauce.

I love using pork shoulder in the recipe because it’s much, much easier to find, and much, much less expensive than veal. This is a great choice for a casual get-together with friends. It’s less common than those other classic French stews, Boeuf Bourgignon and Coq au Vin, so you might just be serving something unexpected to those around your table.

While this is super-easy, I won’t claim that it’s super-quick. Save it for the weekend, because it does take some simmering time, and you do have to cook the onions, carrots, and mushrooms separately from the rest of the stew (they’ll retain their shape and color that way). If you are serving this for a dinner party, cook those in advance, then refrigerate them. Add to the stew and heat through just before serving.

I always serve a white wine with this: A steely-brisky Pinot Blanc from Alsace will hit the mark. Follow the main course, French-style, with a tartly dressed green salad and a cheese course.

Enjoy—and please tell me what you think.

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