Five Ways to Serve Ratatouille, Part V

Today is Day Five on my “Five Ways to Serve Ratatouille.” Today, I’m featuring another one of my favorites: With eggs. You may remember that for Part I, I served a hearty portion of ratatouille with a poached egg salad. Today, I’m serving it with an omelet.

Did I mention that ratatouille goes beautifully with eggs?

I love serving the last couple spoonfuls of leftover Ratatouille in a French Rolled Omelet (there’s a recipe for a few of these in my book). As I’ve mentioned before, the French never throw anything out. Using this last little bit in an omelet brings so much to the omelet, without bringing any more work, and without wasting a bite of the summer veggies.

Tip: Bring the ratatouille to room temperature (or microwave it to room temperature) before using it in your omelet, or it will cool your omelet off more than you likely want it to be.



It would be fair to ask: How long does Ratatouille keep? Well, I think it’s best on Day Two. Make it one day, then let the flavors meld 24 hours. Enjoy it. From there, the leftovers will keep a day or two longer.

But never throw any out! Instead, freeze whatever extra you don’t think you can use up. In winter, when soup-making time comes, stir it into a veggie soup, a chili, or anything that could use a taste of summer. I gleaned this tip from one of my readers on Facebook—Lynn Opet-Ramirez—who kindly shared that tip with me. MERCI MILLE FOIS!

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