Five Ways to Serve Ratatouille: Part IV

It’s Day Four of my “Five Ways to Serve Ratatouille” series. In today’s presentation, the veggie stew stars on a salad plate. With temps in the triple digits, it was the perfect day to serve Ratatouille with a platter of other salads.

From upper right: Ratatouille, White-Bean Salad, Tabbouli. Plus a little cracker of a local washed-rind sheeps-milk cheese. Gorgeous lunch for a 104°F day.

When doing this, you obviously don’t want to repeat the flavors already present in the ratatouille; and because the ratatouille is already cooked down and nearly tender, you’ll want some crunch and firmness elsewhere on the plate. And something a bit hearty. That’s why my Tarragon-White Bean Salad (with some crunchy greens) and my Tabbouli Chez Vous (nice and hearty) are perfect partners on this plate.

For some reason, I also craved just a touch of cheese, so I simply put a local washed-rind goat’s-milk cheese on a cracker as a little something extra.

Other recipes, in The Bonne Femme Cookbook that would work beautifully on a salad plate with Ratatouille include:
Pois-Chiches Salad (chick-pea salad), page 53
French Green Lentil, Leek and Endive Salad, page 51
Little Shell and Prosciutto Salad, page 57
Roasted Red Potato Salad with Arugula, page 55
Céleris Remoulade page 46 (as long as you also serve something heartier on the plate).

Tomorrow, look for my final posting on Five Ways to Serve Ratatouille. Here are the previous postings:
Part III: As a Side Dish to Meats
Part II: With Risotto, as a Main Course
Part I: With Poached Egg Salad, Bruschetta, and Cheeses

Any guesses as to what tomorrow’s post will be?






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