Five Ways to Serve Ratatouille—Part III

It’s Day Three of my “Five Ways to Serve Ratatouille” series.

Veal Chop with Ratatouille

Today, I’m showcasing Ratatouille as a side dish, with meat, poultry, or fish. Frankly, I think ratatouille is the ultimate vegetarian dish. With eggplant being so meaty, and all that olive oil adding richness to the dish, you simply don’t need meat to make a meal out of this summer-veggie creation.

And yet, sometimes, you find yourself with a gorgeous cut of meat and a windfall of ratatouille, and of course, the two go together just beautifully. Here is a veal chop, simply sautéed and drizzled with a lemon-infused olive oil (plain olive oil will do, too).

I find that ratatouille goes well with grilled, broiled, or pan-broiled beef and veal, especially, as well as with roast chicken and meaty fish–such as swordfish. I don’t particularly recommend it with salmon. (I’ve never liked tomatoes with salmon, but I’m sure there are cooks out there that make the combo work beautifully.)

Other ways to serve Ratatouille:
Part I: With a Poached Egg Salad
Part II: With Risotto (see below)

More to come!



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