Five Ways to Put Some France Into Your Week (Volume 4)

A covered Parisian passage. Photo by sylvain.collet via Flickr.

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Now, onto the post:

This week, I kick off with something everyone who loves Paris needs to do: 

1. Take a Virtual Tour of Beautifully Restored Parisian Passages

The original shopping malls—Parisian style! The fabulous online French magazine, Ma Vie Française, takes you on a tour of Parisian shopping arcades that were built in the 1700s and 1800s; many were torn down during the “Haussman-ization of Paris,” and the rise of the department store. The ones that survived fell into decades of disuse.

But now, they’re once again beautifully sky-lit and busting with shops, cafés, and people. I loved this little tour and bit of history, and you will, too! And if you’re headed to Paris, you’ll probably want to put them on your itinerary.

2. Follow Me on Facebook (UPDATE)

My previous giveaway was a great success. Thanks to all my new followers–let’s enjoy sharing what we love about La Belle France. The prize of one signed copy of The Bonne Femme Cookbook has been awarded to a randomly chosen follower from number 646 to 696. And the winner is:  GLENDA NEWELL!

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Chateau Bonnet Bordeaux Blanc. A great blend of mostly Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

3. Drink like a French Woman

I don’t know about you, but I totally avoided the St. Paddy’s Day thing—having it on a Sunday was a bit scary, with the party starting with a Saturday morning parade and finishing Sunday night. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I made corned beef and cabbage (though the authenticity police tell us that that dish isn’t really Irish), and I drank a Guinness to go with it, but I totally scrapped any plans to go anywhere near downtown, where the party was going on all weekend….drunk-fests aren’t my thing….

If today you’re nursing a hangover—or if you’re through with hangovers in general—why  not start drinking like a French woman? That is, drink in moderation and drink European wines. Why Euro wines? They’re lower in alcohol which also means they’re lower in calories. For example, a six-ounce glass of 12% alcohol wine contains about 130 calories, while a six-ounce glass of 15%-alcohol wines has 160 calories. Make the switch, and you’ll get that nice lift that a gentle wine gives you, without getting drunk or fat. For more info on how to drink like a French woman, read my post, French Women Don’t Get Hangovers.

4. Cook This Slimming French Recipe of the Week: Silky and Light Potato Soup

Hats off, once again, to Martha McKinnon for sharing my Silky and Light Potato Soup on her blog at Simple Nourished Living. This Weight Watchers Lifetime Member has found recipes from my book that fit into her “love of delicious food and desire to stay slim and healthy.”

I can’t tell you how happy her discoveries make me. The Bonne Femme Cookbook isn’t a diet book, but it definitely taps into the idea that if you eat fresh, high-quality foods in moderation, and enjoy every bite, you’ll probably do fine in your overall aim to eat well. Anyway, she has posted the recipe, along with nutrition analyses.

And if your perennial herbs are peeking out of the garden this week, lucky you! Use them to top off the recipe: There’s nothing like the earthiness of potatoes and the green-ness of fresh herbs—the miracle of the garden itself in one bowl.

5. Enter to Win This Cute Le Creuset Honey Pot

Like many a francophile cook, I’m kind of nuts about Le Creuset kitchenware of all kinds. If you are, too, why not enter to win this Le Creuset Honey Pot? It’s from the blog Salted Paleo, a blog that follows the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Even if that diet isn’t your thing, it’s always interesting to hear about others’s food journeys. Besides, at this point, only five people had entered, so you might have a really good chance to win this cutie-pie!

What to put in it? Why your favorite French honey, of course.

Have a great week–I’ll be back on Friday with my “Five Ways to Put Some France into Your Weekend.”

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5 comments to Five Ways to Put Some France Into Your Week (Volume 4)

  • Loved reading this post. I have practicing drinking and eating like a French Woman for several years now with varying degrees of success and continue to feel it’s a worthwhile pursuit. It’s such a joy to realize you can eat delicious food and be slim and healthy! Am truly loving your cookbook. Thanks for including me in your post.



  • Wini

    Thank you, Martha, for your comment and your lovely photos of my recipes! I do appreciate it all!

  • Janet

    I have been receiving your emails for about a month and I must tell you how much I am enjoying them. I have traveled in France quite a bit and consider it my favorite country, outside of the US. In the past I was lucky enough to be in Paris every year, so now that I am not able to go as much, your emails brighten my inbox. I have ordered your book and I will read it cover to cover. Merci beaucoup, beaucoup for putting the France back in my life.

    • Wini

      Thanks so much, Janet! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the emails. I’m really having fun with these new styles of posts (that is, the “Five Ways to French Up Your Week/Weekend.”). So I’m glad to get this great feedback!

      PS: If you think of anything I should feature in these posts, I’m all ears!


  • […] copy of her book The Bonne Femme Cookbook: Simple, Splendid Food That French Women Cook Every Day. Visit her blog for details. stLight.options({ publisher:'af211879-bdfc-44bf-9579-fbc809c869e6' }); […]

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