The Best Way to Store French Cheeses? With French Cheese Paper, of Course!

Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags

Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags: A Must for the Cheese Lover this Holiday Season.

How many times have you seen a good piece of cheese go bad? Waxed paper doesn’t cut it–the cheese can dry out and get hard. Plastic wrap doesn’t let it breathe. The solution? This great Cheese Wrap, from Formaticum. I love these. 

During this season of entertaining, chances are, you’ll invest good money in some great cheeses. Frankly, I’ve found only one way to keep them in peak condition: Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags.

Made in France (a country that knows a thing or two about cheese), the porous bags allow the cheese to breathe, yet keep it from drying out. They also make post-party cleanup quick: Simply place the leftover cheese in the bag and fold over the top. No time-consuming origami-style re-wrapping needed.

(PS: If you DO like to wrap your cheese origami style, you can also buy Formaticum Cheese Paper.)

I’ve found some at a few local shops, but that doesn’t help you if you don’t live in Amerique profonde, where I’m hunkering down for the winter. Luckily, you can find them at, through the links above.

PS: If you do buy something through one of my links, I’ll receive a small commission on your purchase. But don’t worry–I’d never recommend something I didn’t love! Thanks for your consideration.

PS: Did someone say fromage? Here are some posts about some of my favorite French cheeses:

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A story about my discovery of Comté Cheese, by the Comté Cheese Association.
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Enjoy your cheese!


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5 comments to The Best Way to Store French Cheeses? With French Cheese Paper, of Course!

  • Rick

    I use these bags all the time. Can’t imagine what I did without them.

  • Jennifer

    If you have a good cheese shop, they generally will sell these or similar paper. Sometimes, if you ask the nicely, they’ll tear off an extra sheet for you to take home.

  • Karla

    The cheese paper is available at HyVee cheese shops; I’ve not seen the bags there. The paper works remarkably well, and is reusable until it falls apart. Gonna order some bags from Amazon now, so thanks for the idea and the link!

  • I just found these this year. I thought they were silly until I used them, I don’t know why I do that. Thanks for the source. I like to keep things like this in my wish list at Amazon so if I just need a few dollars to get free shipping it is nice to have a few of these type of things. I hate paying postage. 🙂

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