A Cheese Chat

I’ve been honored and humbled by kind comments on my book on Amazon.com, but one reviewer (who gave a thumbs-up review to the book) wondered online if I didn’t go a bit overboard on my zealousness for Comté cheese. She asked if, perhaps, I was a paid spokesperson for the product.

Non! I am not a paid spokesperson for anyone, and if that ever changes, I will be perfectly clear about it.

I first discovered the cheese on my own, traveling through La Belle France in 2003, and I immediately fell in love with it and what it could do for my cooking. In 2006, when I was invited on a press tour of the region compliments of the Comté Cheese Association, naturally, I said “oui.” But whether or not I ever toured with the Comté people I’d use this cheese again and again.

Recently, the Comté people featured an interview with me in their newsletter…..Click on the page to enlarge it to a readable size. Enjoy!

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