Some Random Observations in Angers, France

Doesn't matter if it's freezing out. The outdoor cafes still beckon, even if it's only because readied tables look more cheerful than stacked tables.


Seems the French are going crazy for these danged whoopie pies. This is just one of quite a few cookbooks I saw on Whoopie Pies in the local FNAC bookshop.


Savennieres: A Loire Valley Chenin Blanc I plan to get to know much, much better.

Lovely, simple way dessert was served at a buffet in a chateau. Dried candied figs, pears and apricots, and the best dark chocolates they could find.

Cheese course at the Chateau. Served simply (and abundantly!).

Yep. Still wishing I had brought my Uggs.

Dessert: Dark chocolate fondant, passion-fruit ice cream, and a spray of Cointreau. But note the size of the dessert: Reason #324 that French women don't get fat. A small amount of something wonderful rather than a massive amount of something mediocre.

That’s all for now.  Hope to have something more coherent in a few days.

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