Des Moines Diner, March 2014

Hotel Pattee, Fleming’s, Baru 66, and more. Yes—it’s time for monthly round-up of some handpicked news of note on the Des Moines (and environs) dining scene.

The lobby at the Hotel Pattee. Imagine it filled with people and great music. That’s the case on Friday and Saturday nights.

1. The Hotel Pattee:

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Three Paris Restaurant Recommendations (And Why I Don't Give Paris Restaurant Recommendations)

Decades ago, a kind stranger in a metro station told my friend Cindy and me about this spot. We were 16, wide-eyed, and lost. I’ve returned here often.

Because I spend so much time in France, friends, family, and readers often ask me to give them recommendations on where to eat in

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Your Chance to Tour Europe's Markets—with Affable Insiders

Ever wonder how Americans can find great European collectibles like these vintage Italian serving trays?

Well, here’s how: My friends at European Market—purveyors of stunning kitchenware, housewares, and more—are putting together two amazing shopping/eating/drinking trips. It’s your chance to join an insider’s tour of Europe’s markets—from small consignment shops to famed antiques shows,

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