Photos That Reveal Why France Is France

When I travel to France, I often take pictures that seek to explain what I love about the country. I did so on a recent trip. This isn’t meant by any means to be a complete list, but a random sampling of what makes the French so…..French.

"Yes. We have kettle grills. But why not make them stylish?"

And who understands women better than the French? We love shoes. We love chocolate. Here are Chocolate Shoes at the Cadiot-Badie chocolate shop in Bordeaux

Demitasses and Tractors in a Bordeaux Vineyard. What can I say?

Tear down an old building to modernize it? Pourquoi? Who says a medieval basement can't have all the mod-cons we need?

Charming wine bar shows photos of heads of state drinking wine. The French admire those who know how to enjoy themselves.

And who says train tracks have to be an eyesore? Indeed, the grass is greener in Bordeaux.

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