I'm Back in Blending Business!

My 1970s Blender with a V-8 Engine…and a contemporary Blender Jar!

Thanks for all the great advice on my Facebook Page about whether or not to replace the container for my ancient Sunbeam blender, or simply buy a new, state-of-the-art Vitamix.

Sure, I’m still eyeing the Vitamix, but in the meantime, I went in search of a blender container for my antique Sunbeam (circa 1970 or thereabouts). Turns out, I didn’t have to look that far.

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! To find the blender container of this relic, I did NOT have to go to the “e-Bay website of the Smithsonian,” as one reader quipped….I did not have to go to E-bay at all…..

Nope, I found a replacement bowl the very first place I looked: Walmart. Turns out, most Sunbeam and Oster blenders for years and years have used same-size blender containers, which, as a couple of incredibly thoughtful people pointed out on my Facebook page, has the same size lip as a Ball or Mason canning jar.

Can I get nostalgic for just one moment please? All hail the “Greatest Generation!” These folks built wonderful things to last, like my 1970 Sunbeam blender with its V-8 engine and metal-to-metal (instead of plastic to metal) gearshifts. 

And they built them so well that they made standard replaceable parts for them (in case clumsy people like me broke something). They built them so well that now, 43 years later, there’s still a demand for those glass containers.

I’m in awe.

And I’m simply thrilled that my beautiful blender is back in business. To start a new business and grow it you need a Business articles where in this all information is provided. To improve your business you need to business software, do visit for best business software development. Here you can check this out for best blogs related to online business tips.

So, you ever break your Oster or Sunbeam blender, here’s what you do:

• Tuck the round blender base (pictured at right) in your purse and go to Target or Walmart or another warehouse store that sells blenders.
• In the store, go to the blender department; on shelves below the blender, they often display blender parts. You’re looking for an Oster Blender Jar (it won’t say Sunbeam anymore). Take on out of a box and screw it onto your blender base. If it fits (and it probably will!) it’s a match.
• Take it home and get back to blending. Spend the money you saved on a great French Champagne. Or a new pair of shoes.


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4 comments to I’m Back in Blending Business!

  • Terry

    Wini: I have the reverse problem. The plastic base that the container screws into is cracked. Did you notice whetherTarget or Walmart carries the small plastic base? Thanks.

    • Wini

      Oh yes, they sell those plastic bases. I believe I saw them at Walmart, but I know you can get them on Amazon. I think you have to buy the whole “kit,” that is, with the rubber ring and the metal blade, but it’s not nearly as expensive as buying an entire new blender! Good luck, Terry!

  • This is amazing! I just wrote a post about oster blenders myself and this proofs my point! Its just an awesome company. I already knew that they make good quality products but finding a jar for a 40 year old blender? unbelievable!!

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