Finding My Way in the World of Online Food Writing

One of my favorite projects recently was writing a review of Ann Mah’s wonderful new book for

As many of you know, I came to writing through a somewhat traditional path. That is, I fell backwards into it. Basically, someone early in my career said, “Hey, you can write. You can edit. You need to be doing that.” They opened the door and I walked right in.

A few years later, another person said, “Hey, you’re totally a food-geek, and you’re good at editing/writing, why don’t you come work with us?”

And so I began writing, editing, project managing, and performing other tasks for editions in the Better Homes and Gardens family of publications.

Lo and behold, sometime during that stint, someone else said, “Hey, you’re good at food writing and recipes and you love France and French cooking, so how about writing a French cookbook.”

That’s how The Bonne Femme Cookbook came about.

But if there’s a common thread in the work I’ve been doing, it’s that most of it has been in traditional publishing: books and magazines. If I’ve been reluctant to embrace the world of online food publishing, it was simply because I’d been kept so busy doing these other things.

I still continue to contribute to books and magazines, and I still love it. But I can no longer ignore the great possibilities out there in online food publishing. This blog has helped put me on the path, but lately I’ve also been actively pursing other online outlets as well.

And so if I’ve been a little bit absent here of late, it’s because I’ve been having a great time out there in new venues that have been hosting my work. Please visit them if you’re all inertersted in the topics. I’ve had fun writing these articles—and if you enjoy my work, I think you’ll enjoy reading them.

I sorted Goat Cheese out for you on Food Riot.


I absolutely love writing for this new website because it gives me a chance to write about more general things than I might write about on this blog (which is mostly French-focused). I also find myself writing with more edge/attitude. Here are a few of my more popular posts:

Armagnac, Absinthe, Dry Wines, and Dark Chocolate: Four Annoying Food Clichés
How to Cook for a Chef (which includes some great quotes by Steven Raichlen)
10 Questions We Wish We Could Ask Before Coming to Your House for Dinner
Take, Taste, Toss: Trader Joe’s Edition (Featuring True-to-France products from Trader Joe’s)
Five Ways to Avoid Dining Out by Default


This is just a fun website, written by francophiles for francophiles. Here’s an entire list of the articles I’ve written for them. A few of my favorites include:

Book Review: Mastering the Art of French Eating. I just love Ann Mah’s new book, and I really hope it shows in this review.
The French Non-Diet Part I
The French Non-Diet Part II
The French Non-Diet Part III


Richard Nahem writes a great daily blog—which is fun to subscribe to so that you can get a hit of Paris in your inbox every day. He asked me to post once a month on French cooking; the next one is coming on October 7th.

To see some of the posts I’ve written, go to and click on “French Cooking with Wini Moranville.”


I have also started doing French cooking videos for Our first shoot was two weeks ago. I’ll post these the minute they’re online.



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