How to Get the Bonne Femme Cookbook in Time for Christmas

Piment d'Espelette Powder--A Good Go-Along Gift for the Bonne Femme Cookbook

People have been asking me how to get their hands on the Bonne Femme Cookbook in time for the holiday. Check with local Barnes and Nobles, or your local bookstore. If they’re sold out (as they may be in Minneapolis, where we sold out of books at both Cooks of Crocus Hill events), I have another suggestion for you: Wrap something else up to put under the trees, and tuck in a pretty note that says that a copy of the Bonne Femme Cookbook is being shipped directly to the recipient.

A few ideas:

* French Green Lentils: I know, lentils sound like a really boring gift. But French green lentils, from Le Puy, are not. You can find them at Whole Foods and many specialty food shops, and they’re wonderful–beady little gems, dappled blue and green, that keep their shape wonderfully even after cooking. They really are a treat, and I call for them in three great recipes: A French Green Lentil Salad (side dish), a Le Puy Lentil-Sausage Soup (main dish), and a Shrimp and Green Lentil Salad (also a main dish).

* Piment d’Espelette: This spice powder looks a little like paprika, but is made entirely of ground Espelette chiles, grown in the Basque regions of France. It’s a spicy-sweet chile and adds so much to recipes like my Piperade, Basque Chicken, and a Basque Sausage-White Bean Stew–all in the book. (I give a paprika-cayenne substitution in the recipes, but this powder is a real treat). Find it at spice shops and specialty-foods stores.

* A Gift Certificate from Your Favorite Local Cheesemonger: That way, your gift recipient can buy the three French cheeses I use the most: semi-ripened chèvre, Sheep’s Milk Cheese from the Pyrenees, and Comté. (Again, in my book, I give viable substitutions, but these excellent cheeses are available in most markets these days, and they, too, are real treats).

You could also give Madeleine molds (so that the recipient can make my pretty Madeleine tea cakes) or perhaps a bottle of Beaujolais Villages (not Beaujolais Nouveau), both for cooking and easygoing bistro-style drinking.

Another option:

* Send an Instant Delivery Amazon E-Gift. This is sheer Amazon brilliance: You buy a gift card that gets delivered immediately to your recipient. The email shows them a copy of The Bonne Femme Cookbook as your personal pick for the gift. However, they can choose another book (or another item) of the same value, if they wish. They’ll get it instantly. To check this out, go to my Amazon book page and scroll down, nearly to the bottom.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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4 comments to How to Get the Bonne Femme Cookbook in Time for Christmas

  • I am listening to you now on Martha Stewart Radio and would love to purchase your cookbook. It’s for me so its okay that it’s after Christmas.
    Great website and I am loving your recipes!

    Just tell me know to order your cookbook!


    • Wini

      Hello! Thanks, Lisa, for your interest. The cookbook is available on–actually at a nice discount. I don’t know where you live, but your local bookstore may be carrying it, too! Thanks again for your interest. The Martha Stewart radio show was so much fun! The host and I really got into it talking about the simplest things, including of all things, French pan-fried potatoes! Enjoy!

  • Ms. Moranville, now that the holidays and a minor knee surgery are behind me, I have been reading the copy I purchased when you appeared at Kitchen Collage for a book signing 28 octobre 2011. (Most excited about brussels sprouts!) You kindly inscribed my copy, “Merci mille fois – and now…a table!” Onward to 2012…

    “Bien sur”, now that I have read your intro(I spent a month of French immersion as a college student studying at l’University de la Cite, busting the button off the waist of my pants on the trip home, being pinched, and watching “Blazing Saddles” in a French theatre …there was not so much laughing among the natives). This was 1976…

    Now…I am hoping to get two copies personalized for other Bonne Femme enthusiasts: our daughter, whom we took out of school for two weeks of her high school freshman year to accompany the DMACC group to Paris, Epernay, the Loire, and its environs. It forever changed her view of the world, of culture, of art, of food, of travel. Secondly, our favorite travel companions, with whom we truly share the “bonne femme” philosophy, though they are decidedly both male and female. Talked with our friends at Kitchen Collage…no signed copies. We are patient. It is worth the wait. What are your suggestions?

    Merci mille fois!

    • Wini

      Hello Robyn. I’m happy to sign books again at Kitchen Collage–I’ll call the owner and ask if she wants me to sign books. Stay tuned!

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