French Pasta E-Book: Help Us Choose a Cover Photo!

Cauliflower-Ham Gratin. We like this photo, but we think that something where the pasta is more evident would be better.

As I’ve mentioned before, Richard Swearinger (former senior food editor of Better Homes and Gardens) and I are working on another ebook. This one will feature French Pasta.

The book will tell you all about France’s love for pasta—how they bring it to the table in distinctively French ways. It will offer 25 great recipes and 20 beautiful photos.

But for now, Richard and I are stuck. We cannot decide which of our photos should appear on the cover.

Can you help? We’ve narrowed it down to the following five photos. Tell us your first choice via twitter (@winimoranville), Facebook (Chez Bonne Femme), or in the comments section, below.

And yes, there’s something in it for you. We will randomly select three lucky winners to receive a free copy of this ebook. It doesn’t matter which way you tell us your choice (twitter, Facebook, or in the comments section)—everyone will be eligible for the drawing.

So, which photo makes you go “Yum! I’d love to cook (and eat) that!”

1. Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto

2. Pasta Forestière (with wild mushrooms)

3. Tagiatelle with Bacon and Gruyère

4. Chicken-Asparagus Cannelloni

5. French Seafood Pasta (with mussels and scallops)


Cast your vote by Friday, November 22nd to be eligible for the drawing for the free French Pasta ebook!

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60 comments to French Pasta E-Book: Help Us Choose a Cover Photo!

  • Terry

    #3. Elegant looking dish and tablecloth.

  • Andrea Biklen

    #5 It has the best combo of lighting, color/texture contrast. And it’s got scallops!

  • I love #2, The sharp angles and richness of color draw my attention.

  • Andrea Biklen

    #5 It has the best combination of lighting/color/texture. Plus, it has scallops!

  • Cindy

    #1 – the closeup is awesome.

  • Julia Wittnebel

    Pasta Forestiere!

  • George Griffith

    Not the cannelloni (#4), which looks too cheese-heavy, close to an older notion of Italian food. Any of the others are fine, but the tagliatelle (#1) looks light and healthy, fit for the health-conscious food age we’re in.

  • Lisa Ceddia

    #1 I like it best because it is just the food nothing else and I wanted to eat my screen.

  • Kathleen Beebout

    I think the Tagliatelle with asparagus and prosciutto looks fresh, attractive and clearly conveys the “pasta” theme.

  • Nancy LoBalbo

    The chicken asparagus cannelloni has my vote! Looks delish!

  • Dee

    4. Chicken-Asparagus Cannelloni is my choice because besides looking delish, it intrigues me to see exactly what it is and how it’s made. It’s not obvious like the other pasta dishes that you saute a few ingredients and add it to the ribbon pasta. The cannelloni dish isn’t as easy to figure out (or think you’ve figured out) and I’d have to go inside the book to see how the magic happens. I suppose it’s the mystery of a not so common pasta picture! So in the future, add a little mystery, lol.

    • Dee

      Oh, and I forgot, I don’t like the dish/plate or the tablemat/cloth because it’s weak, wimpy. Go for a little more panache/style and color; more designing expertise in the dishes and background suitable though to the homey feel.

      • Dee

        p.s.s I don’t think putting cutlery into the dishes is visually pleasing in general (clutters the view of the dish), and also crossing cutlery is a little bothersome (maybe latent superstition instincts lol). The cannelloni has a strong cohesive look so maybe match the visual energy of it more with stronger, clean lines patterns in the cutlery, plates/dishes/colors?

        Thanks, can’t wait to buy the book!

  • Linda

    #1 It’s all about the pasta!

  • They all look good enough to eat but I love the photo with mushrooms pasta. The white space, the silver, etc. makes it a tantalizing photo. Sara

  • Allison Wroe

    1. Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto.

    The image is beautiful – great angle. Plus, the dish looks very light, appealing.

  • They all look delicious, and the way I want to eat, but the best photo is 1. Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto.

  • Pat

    Hi Wini! I didn’t know you’d ever done a FIRST e-book, so I headed on over to the Kindle store to take a look. Nice! But with regard to this cover photograph, I wonder why they’re all horizontal, when the book “cover” will likely be vertical, as the Braising book was? Anyway, my pick from these photos is #4, by far, because it’s bright, inviting, and just cheesy enough. (#3, although elegant, is a bit dark/moody looking, and to me the others are not-quite-right.) It’s also SO French to put bits of pork in pasta! (I’ll never forget the look on my son’s face when, on a trip to Hossegor when he was 2, he was given a bowl of what he thought would be simple buttered noodles and there were crispy lardons in there!) Also, PM me if you should ever need proofreading help with any of your publications; I’m a free agent! 😉

  • Pat

    Shoot, I meant to write #3 for my pick and #2 for the moody one. Oops!

  • Gail

    I like #1. It looks great. It looks fresh and delicious!

  • #1. The asparagus and prosciutto lookso bright and delicious.

  • Caroline Smith

    #1 – I think it is the best picture showing the pasta and a great color combination.

  • jacqueline

    No. 1 choice : Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto
    colorful and looks delicious in the photo

  • Thomas

    The photo #5 seafood pasta has a lovely glaze and the dish and silverware is truly French.

  • Pat

    #1. I tried to lick the screen!

  • Steve Moore

    #2 – like the rustic nature of the picture, and the ingredients seem the most “French”. Which means not Italian. Most of the others seem to use ‘typical’ Italian ingredients, and all of them, the forest mushroom variety seems the most rustic French to me.

  • wren

    #5 It has the best composition for the placement of the title and author information

  • Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto Number 1 shot – its got great gloss and ‘eat me now’ appeal! There is an even balance of ingredients in the shot – no need for cutlery or tablewares, its all about the fabulous food.

  • Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto Number 1 shot – its got great gloss and ‘eat me now’ appeal! There is an even balance of ingredients in the shot – no need for cutlery or tablewares, its all about the fabulous food.

  • Debbie

    I find #1 to be the most beautiful and appealing. 2nd choice would be #4. I guess I have a thing for asparagus right now!

  • Ro

    1. Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto
    The closeup and colors do it for me!

  • # 1 – I love the contrast in colors in the Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto. It looks fresh and light.

  • Jackie

    #1. Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto – the colors of the asparagus with the prosciutto make the pasta look awesome.

  • They all look so appealing! My choice for the cover, however,is:

    Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto #1

    L’air si délicieusement réel ! Mmmm…

    French Seafood Pasta (with mussels and scallops) would be my second choice.

  • Jennifer T.

    #1 looks the most appetizing to me.

  • Marilee Reyes

    #3 … the french a famed for taking the simplest ingredients and making an unforgettable meal, and this photo personifies that. And it made my bouth water.

  • Laura M

    #5 looks wonderful to me.

  • Cameron Christensen

    1. Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Prosciutto looks great!

  • #2 Without the cutlery. I like the exotic mushrooms and the colors of this photo. I like the way #1 was displayed but the ingredient are too common. I think you would want some pasta with unusual and exciting ingredients but easy enough to buy. Personally, #4 would be something I would want to try but it will be too heavy for the cover photo. Good luck!

  • Rita Pray

    #1–The close-up is great, plus the ingredients look so fresh and light. I also think it has the most “common” ingredients which might be more universally appealing. I would make and eat any of them however.

  • Linda Blakely

    #2 I like the way the pasta is not centered, but slightly to the side as if it was just served and not “arranged”. As if the hostess was quickly going around the table to make sure everyone is served while it’s still hot. I really makes me want to dig in RIGHT now and it looks delicious!

  • Maija Palkeinen

    #5 is fantastic… love them all but there is something especially eye catching with the silverware included in the shot.

  • Having invested a lot of my life into French eating, the only one I would choose is the pasta with proscuitto and asparagus, although I’d call it jambon de bayonne. The first one is very American, mac’n cheese-ish. 3. Shiitake haven’t hit the big time in France. 4. It would work but not with bacon. Would have to be ham. 5. Looked like endive for a minute, a super classic dish. However, it’s not…. 6. Seafood is pretty classic, but they don’t use crisp vegetables, they cook them all to within a centimeter of their lives.

  • simone

    #2 or #5. Great aesthetics. The silverware and the sliver of green in both shots adds a certain vitality to the dishes.

    Bon apetit!

  • Kay

    Number1 looks perfect.

  • Pat

    Tagliatelle with asparagus and prosciutto because it is graphically simple and immediately comprehensible, because it is colorful but not gaudy, and because it looks appetising.

  • Nicole

    2. Pasta Forestière (with wild mushrooms) love it!

  • Richard

    Either #2 or #5.

    Personally I don’t like the lighting on #1 – to my eye it makes the dish look a little artificial

    #3 seems a little too simple for a cookbook (great shot though)

    #4 needs a little more attention on the crockery as it looks messy both at the top and the bottom. The cutlery is a little distracting there too. The food itself looks great, so with a little cropping, this one could work for the cover too.

  • #1 – consider that some people will see the image initially as a postage stamp. This must draw them in so they click on the link and then learn more about the book. It needs a level of simplicity, colour, and scale to work as both a postage stamp and full-size cover.

  • alberto sanchez

    The best cover in my opinión is the numebr 3, because wthat is more french than the Gruyere and the other wonderful french cheese.

  • Iggy

    Need to clean the bowl in number one, it’s dirty. my shirt needs washing too as I dribbled some sauce on it!

  • The tagliattle with asparagus and proscitto

  • 1. Good color and lighting but the area of focus is very narrow.
    2. Has depth and mood. I want to be there and eat the pasta. Clear focus and lighting.
    3. My eye keeps looking left at the blue pattern and it’s a bit too distracting.
    4. Pretty but maybe too white.
    5. The knife has a harsh reflection.

    I would go with 2. Cheers!

  • Pia Marie

    Defiantly #1 – all the others we’ve seen a million times as covers ‘been there done……
    Looking forward to the cook book. Good luck! 🙂
    Need help with the food styling, don’t hasitate to contact me.

  • Hi,

    Recipes must be delicious but, visually they are a bit of let down. The veggies and pasta are mostly a tad over cooked. Lighting is too flat.

    Not knowing if the e-book will be in vertical, or horizontal format, it is difficult to decide. However, no. 3 with increased contrast, and no. 5, both images with cutlery cropped out would look good for a cover.

    Would love to get the e-book as the recipes seem to be really yummy.

  • I vote for #2
    Pasta Forestière (with wild mushrooms)
    I’m drawn to the texture of the mushrooms in the photo, and the pasta looks like something I’d like to try and make myself.

  • Gina

    #1 – It looks so appealing. It looks light and healthy and refreshing. #2 was nice.but it looks offcenter.

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