Wines from Uruguay? Count Me In!

The other day, I had the pleasure to host two lovely sommeliers on the “Great Food” segment of our local “Great Day” morning program, and I had them blind-taste some wines from Uruguay.

My goal wasn’t to “stump the sommelier.” Rather, I wanted to lean on their expertise to have them tell me where these wines tasted like they’re from. Uruguay neighbors Argentina—but does did these taste like Argentine wines?Garzon Sauvignon Blanc

Watch the first few minutes of this tape, and you’ll see why Francophiles should probably take note. The Sauvignon Blanc tasted French-like to Abbe Hendricks, our certified sommelier—and that’s music to my ears. I also loved the way Sarah Pritchard nailed the fact that the Albariño was from a low altitude. What fun!

Party idea: Grab some bottles Uruguay and do your own blind tasting. Does the word “France” come up for you?

• Find out more about the Garzon winery here.
• Find where to buy Garzon wines here (you might have to mail-order them).

PS: Do you even know where Uruguay is? I couldn’t exactly have pinpointed it until I was in Buenos Aires a year ago and saw that this big mass of land blocked the view from B.A. to the sea. That mass of land is Uruguay.


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