The Number-One Party Food This Time Around

Piment d'Espelette Powder

A friend of mine once mentioned that he keeps an entertaining journal and jots down tips and tricks he gleaned for each party, including what went well (or not) food and drink wise. I think this is a fantastic idea.

So, consider this an online journal for my most recent Bastille Day Party. And the item that was the first to be swiped from the table and onto appetizer plates was…..the deviled eggs.

Believe me, I had lots of good food (thanks in great part to friends who brought things). And the deviled eggs were, truth be told, kind of a last-minute idea. But they went in a hurry.

One thing, I think, that made these deviled eggs stand out was the Piment d’Espelette powder. Made exclusively from red peppers grown in the French Basque region of Espelette, the spice doesn’t come cheap (spend around $12 for a little jar of it). But the flavor is so interesting: it packs lots of bright-rich spiciness—without the blazing obviousness of heat.

And here’s something I’m almost embarrassed to admit (after all, I am a cookbook author). I picked up the deviled eggs at a local deli and merely sprinkled the powder on them to dress them up a bit. And still, people went wild for them.

It goes to show that you truly don’t have to go crazy in the kitchen to throw a great party….In fact, as I’ve mentioned in a previous posting, French women don’t necessarily cook everything they serve any more than we do.


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