The 10 All-Time Most Popular Posts on Chez Bonne Femme

Yes. You can freeze crêpes.

Here are the posts that people return to again and again on this page. Fascinating!

1. How to Freeze Crêpes and Why You Should

Clearly, people like the make-ahead angle of crêpes. And remember, they can be refrigerated for a day or two as well.

2. How to Cook Magret de Canard

I’m fascinated that so many people want to learn how to cook this specialty meat. And, in spite of the very not-so-pretty photos, this is my second-most popular post.

Indeed, I love magret de canard, but it’s not an everyday thing. Hmmmm. Should I do an ebook on the topic?

3. What Is a Braiser, What Is a French Oven. Should You Invest?

Curiosity about braising pans continues! And why not—they’re wonderful pans, especially in winter.

4. How to Make It French: How to Cook Chicken in Your Le Creuset Braiser … the French Way

Vermouth-Braised Chicken with Olives and Prosciutto. Done in a little less than an hour, and most of that is hands-off braising time.

Just shows what people love to cook in those braisers: Chicken!

5. Any-Night Baked Rice

Any-Night Baked Rice.

I like to think this has happened: People have dined at someone’s home, and the host has made this rice. And the guest said to him/herself: “Where has this rice been all my life.” They ask about it. The next day they look it up and snag this great recipe from the site. I’ve made this rice over 1,000 times in my life, and it never fails me.

6. Once More with the Braiser: Pot-Roasted Chicken with Fresh Herbs

Photo by Richard Swearinger

Yes! Again with the chicken!

7. How to Make It French: How to Use Crème Fraîche The French Way

Chicken Calvados. My recipe calls for finishing with cream, but crème fraîche works beautifully to finish sauces.

So, you probably bought a carton of crème fraîche, used part of it, and went looking for how to use the rest of it. Glad you found me!

8. Braised Bottom Round Roast with French Onion Gravy

Photo by Richard Swearinger.

Finally! Something besides chicken!

9. Five Ways to Serve Ratatouille

Veal Chop with Ratatouille

Honestly. Don’t even look at this until summer comes back!

10. How to Serve a Cheese Course—The French Way

Photo by Richard Swearinger.

Seriously. It’s just a wonderful (and wonderfully simple) way to spend more time at the table with family and friends.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Always glad to have you come by.

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