Update from the Roussillon

“Everything’s the same, back in my little town.”

I have to admit—I admire bloggers who can blog while on vacation. When I’m immersed strangeness and sparkle of where I am, the spell gets broken when I turn to the impersonal feel of the iPad screen.

Alas, it’s time. We’re having a heatwave

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The Best Vacation Studios I've Rented in France

Maison Frere in Collioure. From right: Bombay Studio, kitchen of Gauguin Studio, and photos of us on the balcony.

I just submitted a story to BonjourParis.com that provides tips on how to find a good vacation rental; the piece should appear soonish. Meanwhile, I was thinking of all the nice places I’ve

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Three Paris Restaurant Recommendations (And Why I Don't Give Paris Restaurant Recommendations)

Decades ago, a kind stranger in a metro station told my friend Cindy and me about this spot. We were 16, wide-eyed, and lost. I’ve returned here often.

Because I spend so much time in France, friends, family, and readers often ask me to give them recommendations on where to eat in

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