Quick Midweek Dinners: Tagliatelles, Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, French Poached Egg Salad

Photo by Rebecca Crump at Ezrapoundcake.com.

Thanks to food bloggers who make my life easy by posting photos and recipes from my book. (Attention other food bloggers: I’m fine if you post a few of my recipes, as long as you credit where they come from, and as long as you don’t mind if, in turn, I post your photos (I’ll provide links to your blog, of course).

Enjoy these three great meals, all done in about 30 minutes.

Option Number One: Tagliatelles with Blue Cheese, Chicken, Olives, and Walnuts.

So, it’s midweek and we don’t have all day to cook something. That’s okay–neither do French cooks. That’s why they turn to pasta almost as often as we do. Here’s a great post from the marvelous Rebecca Crump at Ezra Pound Cake, who shared my recipe for Chicken Fettuccine with Blue Cheese, Walnuts, and Grapes.

And she may have written one of the BEST things that anyone ever said about the Bonne Femme Cookbook: “Reading Wini’s tips and stories about life in France is really like having a friend in the kitchen. One who can probably tie a scarf without looking like a jackass.”

Still laughing about that one. Anyway, go to her blog for the recipe. It’s a quickie and a goodie.

Next up: Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Rosemary

Chicken Saute with Sweet Potatoes and Rosemary. Photo from The Family Meal blog.

Alisa at The Family Meal is doing something so very admirable: Having her child eat what the adults eat, whenever possible. She has used quite a few recipes in these endeavors, and it seems her beautiful daughter, Olive, is really taking to them. She recently posted one of my favorites: Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Rosemary.

Even if the recipe doesn’t interest you, take a look at the blog. It’s so thoughtful, and includes some of the most beautiful  toddler photos ever.

Poached Egg Salad, photo by Alisa at The Family Meal Blog

3. Option Three: Poached Egg Salad

For a quick dinner, I love serving this with a couple other little things—maybe a cheese tray and baguette, maybe  a cup of Silky and Light Potato Soup that I happen to have leftover in the freezer (it freezes well and reheats admirably).  Once again, The Family Meal posted a nice photo of the recipe, along with the recipe itself.

There! That ought to get you to the weekend, when I’ll post something to cook when you have a little more time. See you then!

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