Paris Bits—Vignettes and Pensées, Day 3

The third in the series of vignettes and pensées written by my husband, David Wolf, on an extended stay in Paris one early summer. May you find equally remarkable moments in your day today.

All in a Day in Paris

Kids aren’t the only ones cruising the sidewalks of Paris on scooters. Here comes an old man zipping—well not zipping—along on his bright new silver scooter, a Gitane dangling from the corner of his mouth, headed where? To the café for a pastis no doubt.

She’s on his lap on a park bench, straddling him, four in the afternoon, his hands down her pants which are too tight to let that hand get just where it keeps striving to go. They are locked in a deep, frozen kiss—no mouth movement whatsoever. Ah, Paris. And who’s looking?

The baby asleep in his stroller, a foot or so away from the chaos of rush-hour traffic spinning through and flinging off the Place Leon Blum—where six streets converge! And still the baby sleeps. A born Parisian.








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