How to Make a Swiss Chard Salad

An unexpected delight for a French lunch. Photo by Richard Swearinger

Swiss Chard—what the French call blettes—is a fabulous leafy green that’s chock full of vitamins and fiber, but also tastes really, really good. Think of it like a little between spinach and a beet, with with a fabulous depth of flavor all its own.

I particularly enjoy the veggie in autumn: when you still crave a salad, but want something hearty. It goes great with apples (as you’ll see here). In winter, serve this dish with a soup for a super-fresh but wonderfully warming lunch or dinner.

As an aside: I’ve heard that some French cooks only use the stalks (they’re the part that taste like beets, but with a celery-like freshness and crunch). And other cooks only use the leaves.
I like using both.

Below is a video of me making the salad on live television….but you can also simply jump to the recipe for Swiss Chard Salad with Pistachios, Apples, and Blue Cheese.



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8 comments to How to Make a Swiss Chard Salad

  • Chap

    Hi, Wini. How come CBF won’t display in the landscape orientation (at least not on my phone)?

  • foolforfrance


    This recipe sounds wonderful. I stumbled upon it while surfing the web for ideas for what to bring to my husband’s conversational french class potluck. This is it!!!

  • foolforfrance

    I tried to link up with a recipe to print after watching the video, but it went nowhere and I do not see this recipe with the ones listed on your website.

  • foolforfrance


    It was a hit. I do not know much about blue cheese so was at a loss at Whole Foods trying to choose one for the salad. I landed on Maytag. Stilton was also in the running. What is your favorite?

    • Wini

      Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been traveling…

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Point Reyes Blue Cheese, and the closer you are to California, the better it is.

      I buy Point Reyes in Des Moines, but today, I was in the Monterey area, and I had some Point Reyes (which is made North of San Francisco). It was creamy and luscious and wonderful, with just a great blue flavor.

      Yes, I like Maytag, and since it’s from my home state of Iowa, I should probably like it best…but truth is, if you’re west of the Missouri River, you might want to go for Point Reyes….

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