Guess Where I'm Headed—And I'll Bring You Something Back

Hello. I’m headed out of town tomorrow….Let’s make this fun. If you’re the first person to guess where I’m going, I’ll bring something nice back for you.

Here are some clues. You have to guess not only the country (which will probably be obvious!) but the region, too. And if you can guess the actual town, I’ll bring you something really, really nice!

Here’s the first clue:

There's a big castle in the middle of town. (That should narrow it down to a few thousand!). Photo by Stevec77 via Flickr.

And a half-timbered house or two. (That should give a slight clue: obviously this isn't in a Southern destination in this country.)Photo by Holly-Hayes via Flickr.

Oh, and this town has a cathedral, too! (Yes--that narrows the scope .... minimally.) Photo by Andrew and Annmarie via Flickr.

Here's your best clue yet. I'll be drinking some of this, from a nearby town. Photo by geishaboy500 via Flickr.

So, who will win the prize? Post here, or post on my facebook page. If no one guesses, I’ll post another clue. Good luck!

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