Food Finds (and Pitfalls), France 2013

At last, I’m home from La Belle France, where I can sync up my camera to my cloud. I’ll be posting a few highlights in the next few days.

I thought I’d start with some food observations. Don’t worry: Out of dozens of photos that I took, I’ll only post a handful: The best and/or most interesting!

As an American, I’m proud to “own” the Simpsons. But the Menu Homer? Not so much. Donut Burger, anyone?

Though not traditionally French, muffins were everywhere! “What next?” I thought. “Bagels?”

Spoke too soon! What next? Pop tarts? (Laugh at your own peril…..) (Paris, France)

Okay, enough American encroachment. Now, onto French finds:

The “It” Dessert in France: Café Gourmand. An espresso, surrounded by mini-desserts of all kinds. I’d seen this here and there over the years, but this year, it was everywhere. No complaints there!


(Angers, France) Nothing remarkable about this little pastry stand in front of the bus stop, except that it made me really jealous that I don’t have a pastry stand in front of my bus stop at home.

(Perigueux, France) You know you’re in the Southwest of France when the “Tournedos Rossini” (filet with foie gras) comes with twice as much foie gras as filet). (Note the “burger-esque” preparation.)

(Angers, France) Escargot in cream sauce. Looked good, but tasted flat. Lesson learned: I guess the real reason I like escargot is that they usually arrive bubbling in “persillade” (garlic/parsley mix) and butter. The escargot are just vehicles….

(Collioure, France) Might have been the best thing I ate: Braised Pork Cheeks. Tender, meaty, rich, and deep.

Another thing I loved: This particular Croque Madame at the cafe Maubillon. The little salad (with fine strips of beets), the perfect fries, the beautiful Poilaine bread, the luscious fried egg. So simple, but a thing of beauty that day.

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