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Here are my favorite French recipes for Valentine’s Day. I also give suggestions for complete French Valentine’s Day menus to enjoy with you-know-who.

And because Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, I realize that you won’t be able to spend all day in the kitchen. So, I’ve made these simple French Valentine’s menus extra easy with quick side dishes. For dessert, why not make some crêpes? You can make them ahead, you know! Here’s how.

1. French Pan-Fried Trout

French Pan-Fried Trout

French Pan-Fried Trout

I’ve been finding excellent trout at my local Fresh Thyme and Whole Foods markets, so maybe you will, too! This pan-fried version is very easy, and with pistachios, garlic, and herbs, it’s rather spectacular, too!

Enjoy with Any-Night Baked Rice and steamed-then-sautéd broccolini. Kick off with Gougères (that you’ve made ahead and have ready to pop in the oven, of course, because I’ve showed you how).

2. French Pasta and Morels (A Vegetarian French Dish for Valentine’s Day)

An easy recipe for Morels. Tagliatelles with Morels.

An easy recipe for Morels: Tagliatelles with Morels.

No, Morels aren’t in season (yet), but yes, dried morels work beautifully in this recipe. And morels are just so indulgent! Just plump them according to package directions (generally, submerged in warm water for about 30 minutes. Rinse and pat dry).

Serve alongside a salad with my classic Vinaigrette. Kick off with my Happy Hour Crackers (scroll down on this page to see the crackers recipe). Easy-Peasy.

3. Saumon Alsacienne: Salmon in the Style of the Bonne Femme from Alsace

Braised Salmon, Salmon Recipe for the Braiser

Here’s a dish I fell in love with at a French restaurant in New Orleans. While the cabbage in it may not sounds particularly romantic, please take my word for it: The humble veggie becomes something else entirely when it’s braised in cream and wine.

Enjoy with pureed potatoes. Or, better yet, a Celery-Root and Potato Puree, which you’ll find in my cookbook on page 247. What? You don’t have my cookbook? Gah! Well, here’s a trusty recipe online for it that will do until my book arrives.

Kick off with my Pâté Canapés.

4. Weeknight Porcetta

Weeknight Porcetta. Tenderloin wrapped in bacon, with rosemary and garlic.

Weeknight Porcetta. Tenderloin wrapped in bacon, with rosemary and garlic. Get it ready for the oven in the morning.

Oh yes! Pork tenderloin, wrapped in bacon with rosemary and garlic: this is bistro-style cooking at its quick-and-easy best. Hint: Take five minutes to get it assembled in the morning—letting those flavors meld—and pop it in the oven while you’re kicking off the evening with a glass of bubbly.

Serve with that Celery-Root and Potato Puree (mentioned above) and roasted Brussels sprouts.

5. My classic French Valentine’s Day Recipe: Beef Tenderloin Steaks with Brandy-Mustard Sauce


Yes—you saw it last year, but it bears repeating, because this recipe is just so perfect for Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s a tradition chez-moi: I make it every year.

See the complete menu (with pommes rissolés–pan-fried potatoes).

What? You need a few French-inspired gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? I’m here to help! Why not give your favorite cook a great French cookbook. And it doesn’t even have to be mine! (And whenever you purchase through one of my links, you help support this site. Thank you.)





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