Bonne Femme Night at Baru 66

What a week! We had our first Bonne Femme night at Baru 66. There are three more to come: October 10, 17, and 24. I’ve posted October 10th’s menu here.

Meanwhile, these photos by the amazingly talented young photographer, Andy Fjellman, definitely get to the gist of the a great evening:


Above: The first seating included a couple celebrating a birthday, and another celebrating their 25th anniversary. I was so touched they chose to spend these special evenings with us!


Above: David Baruthio checks out the bustling dining room.


Above: Compelling black-and-white shot, a bit later in the evening.


Above: Le Chef et La Bonne Femme


Above: Sous-chef extraordinaire Tyron Collier, Sr., plating the Coq au Vin


Above: Pâté de Campagne “Chef et Bonne Femme”


Above: Coq au Vin (yes, it’s in the cookbook!). We served it on the celery root/potato puree.


Remember the old restaurant line, “You got time to lean, you got time to clean”? Oooops!


Both David and I were surprised at how many people ordered the Market-Day Tagliatelle with Goat Cheese. We didn’t think people would be as into French pasta as they were, and we were really happy about that! We’ll be serving another French pasta dish at our next dinner. (And yes, the French love pasta, as you know if you’ve seen my book!)


James and Bree. A fantastic young couple we just loved seeing at our inaugural Bonne Femme night!


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